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Jared is a stand-up comedian currently living in Vancouver B.C., born November 11th, 1978 . When he isn’t touring with Yuk Yuk’s or telling jokes across the country, you can find him every Monday night in Vancouver hosting ‘Comedy on the Corner‘.

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E-mail: Jared@JaredBorland.com
FB Page: facebook.com/Jared.Borland.Comedian
FB Profile: facebook.com/jared.borland
Twitter(personal): @jaredborland
Twitter(c.o.t.c.): @CornerComedy
Youtube: youtube.com/user/comedyonthecorner

Jared’s Comedy

Jared will not make you a better person with his humor, or fill you with thoughts of philosophical wonder, he will only make you laugh and enjoy yourself. With his immature perspective and belief system that “Everything is Funny” he will prove to you that Laughing and having fun is pretty damn awesome.

Jared Borland has been performing Stand – Up for a few years now and has progressed in the “Under Ground” (if you dare) scene in Vancouver B.C. establishing himself as someone who will always make you laugh. Jared has Show Cased for CTV’s Comedy Now special and has opened, hosted or performed with some of the best comedians from all around Canada. Inspired by being raised in a strict and broke ass Mormon family in Saskatchewan surrounded by 3 older sisters a Mom  and an obsessed Hockey Coach Dad, he has endless material to pull from. Jared will throw his spin on women, beer, hockey, love, religion and just silly stuff that will leave you feeling like “Everything Is Funny”.

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