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Jared hosts “Comedy on the Corner” every Monday night at 9:30pm at the most popular Comedy Room in Vancouver “Comedy on the Corner” located @ “The Corner” 612 Davie St, Vancouver, B.C. (see map)

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Here is what comedians are saying about Comedy on the Corner

Simon King: (CBC, CTV, Comedy Network, XM-Radio, Just For Laughs)

“Real stand up comedy is grass roots. Long before the comedian you see at the club or on television gets to that place they work their craft and hone their skills in the dark back rooms of bars and pubs. They climb on stage with their material, some new, some old but all of it with its sharp edges still intact. Comedy in this environment is much more raw, much more real. It’s pretty much as close as you can get to the art form the way it’s meant to be. There are a few rooms like this that encourage growth, experimentation and honesty in our craft. The Corner is just such a room. The audience is always sharp and there for the show creating an electric atmosphere you can almost reach out and touch. The comedians are some of the best the country has to offer and the hosts run a tight professional show with a real understanding of how to make a comedy room something special. If you’re a fan of stand up comedy you owe it to yourself to come to the Corner.”

Dave Merheje – (Just For Laughs Home Grown Competition Champion, CTV, MTV, CBC,)

I have done the Comedy Corner twice on my visit to Vancouver and i have had a great time on both occasions. The Set up to the room is amazing and good for comedy. It is always packed and the audience is always ready to laugh. The energy in that room is so good and makes me want to have a great time and perform to my best abilities. I would play this room anytime i am in Vancouver

John Beuhler – (CTV’s Comedy Now Special, CBC, Comedy Network, Just For Laughs)

“In a town where good live entertainment is hard to find, Comedy on the Corner stands out as the best place to see comedy on a Monday night. The crowd is full of young women, and that makes me try to put on a really good show. Come on down, unless you’re some kind of douche bag.”


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